Lenten Schedule

At the Cross+Roads

A Series of Midweek Worship Services for the Season of Lent

Many of those involved in the story of the Passion of Christ came to a crossroads and had to decide which way to go. Some chose well, some did not. The stories of each of these experiences at various crossroads help us to know what to do and what not to do when we encounter similar crossroads in our own lives. In the end, each service in the “At the Crossroads” series reveals in some way how Christ and His Cross help us to decide which path is in line with God’s will for us.

Ash Wednesday, March 1 + Confession – Psalm 32:1-5

As a model for us, the psalmist David reaches the crossroads of confession and confesses his sins to the Lord. We are called to confess our sins to the Son of David and find forgiveness in Him.

Wednesday, March 8 + Betrayal – John 13:21-30

When Judas Iscariot comes to the point where he must either listen to Jesus or listen to the devil, he chooses to betray Jesus. When we are tempted by Satan to betray our Lord, we must gain strength from our Savior to say, “No” to the devil.

Wednesday, March 15 + Judgment – Matthew 27:11-26

When Pontius Pilate is called upon by the crowds to make a judgment call about Jesus, his decision not to decide results in the death of Christ. We look to the cross of Christ to make definitive judgment calls in our lives.

Wednesday, March 22 + Compassion – Luke 22:47-51

When Jesus is taken into custody, He chooses to show compassion to a wounded participant in the arrest. We are called to show compassion, not anger, even to those in our midst whom we might consider our enemies.

Wednesday, March 29 + Declaration – Luke 22:54-62

When Peter is asked to declare whether or not he knows Jesus, he decides to deny his Savior. When questioned about our Lord, we are called to boldly declare our faith in Christ.

Wednesday, April 5 + Obedience – Matthew 26:36-46

When Jesus nears the time when He must die for our sins, He asks His Father if the cup might pass from Him. But
when the time comes, He obeys His Father’s will. When we are called upon to follow God’s will, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we also should and can obey.

Services begin at 12:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday!
Please join your fellow-believers each week . . .
at the Cross+Roads!