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Service for Sunday May 9

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“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10.


Dear Fellow-believers in our risen and living Lord,

Max Lucado a pastor and Christian author, recorded the following conversation with God in his book On the Anvil:
Max: God, I want to do great things.
God: You do?
Max: You bet! I want to teach millions! I want to fill the Rose Bowl! I want all of the world to know your saving power! I dream of the day –
God: That’s great, Max. In fact, I can use you today after church.
Max: Super! How about some radio and TV work or… or… or an engagement to speak to Congress?
God: Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. See that fellow sitting next to you?
Max: Yes.
God: He needs a ride home.
Max (quietly): What?
God: He needs a ride home. And while you’re at it, one of the older ladies sitting near you is worried about getting a refrigerator moved. Why don’t you drop by this afternoon and—
Max (pleading): But, God, what about the world?
God (smiling): Think about it.

Think about it indeed!

What does God have for you to do right where you are, with the gifts He has given you, for the good of your fellowman and to His glory, today? After all, He is the One who calls us each to be His own, gifts us each for service, sends us each into His mission field and accomplishes His tasks through each of us as we each do our part (giving rides and moving refrigerators and telling the Good News about Jesus, and… and… and…).

What a joy it is to serve you as I serve God here, where He has called me, with the gifts He has given me, to accomplish great things in His kingdom, through this most-challenging year, doing whatever He tasks me to do, right now, at this, His time! What a joy it is to be joined with you in doing His work.

What does God have for you to do? If you would like to visit about the prospects, give me a call. Perhaps I can help you seek His will for your life. Be assured, He has great things for you to do!

In the Name of Jesus,

who did the greatest thing ever
for us on the Cross,


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