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Easter Sunday Service

2021_04_04_Easter from Brian Buhr on Vimeo.

~ April 11, 2021 AD ~
Dear Easter Celebrants of First Lutheran ~ Helena, Montana,

Not only has Jesus risen from the dead (alleluia!), Christ IS risen from the first Easter until eternity (alleluia!)! He IS risen and He lives and reigns now and forever! Because He has risen and is risen, when our resurrection day arrives, those around us can say that we have and are risen to live forever as well! In other words, Easter Day 2021 has come and gone, but Easter is not over (not in the slightest)! The world will never be the same because of Easter and because Jesus Christ has and is risen (Alleluia!)!!!

Shari and I were able to spend a few days in Billings with Dorothy Juergensen (Shari’s mom) and with our children (via Zoom) to celebrate our Lord’s Easter Resurrection! What an outstanding time we had, talking, and rejoicing, and encouraging, (and sleeping), and looking forward to the days of living God has placed before us. We may not know the number, but we can be certain that they will be days of blessings, by the grace of our God. “Mother J” is well, an amazing lady, and a real gift to us!

I have forwarded the weekly Announcements, Bible Study, and Activity Sheet to Lisa and Shawn at Tempest to be posted on: (our website). You can also find last Sunday’s Easter Worship there ~ via the miracles of technology and the labors of Brian Buhr and his helpers. Please thank the Petersons and Buhrs for their excellent efforts during this year of covid gone by! Thanks also to so many who used their talents in so many ways (cleaning, lecturing, singing, altar-guilding, acolyting, breakfast preparing, and so much more) to make our Lenten season and Holy Week worship so meaningful and beautiful! God has surely blessed our congregation with His people!

God’s continued Easter presence, peace and power in your life and the lives of those you love in the days to come! He is nothing short of awesome in His mercy, grace and His love!

So gladly serving Him and you,




Bible Study – April 11

Announcements – April 11

Children’s Activity Sheet – April 11

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