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Church Service – January 17, 2021

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~ January 17, 2021 AD ~

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, our Lord,

We received an interesting letter this week at First Lutheran, addressed to “God Hevaen!” Among other things in the letter, very beautifully printed, was this heartfelt request: “Please stay with me.”

What an appropriate petition for our days and times, for if there is anything that we all need, it is for our gracious, merciful, loving God to be with us and to make His presence among us known! When all else seems to fail, we can be certain that our Rock and our Salvation is there, making His presence known through His Word (His letter to us) and His answers to our prayers.

The young writer ended her little epistle with “Please wright back!” Any suggestions what God might have to say to our inquisitive author?

Last Sunday morning, shortly after I had arrived at church to make final preparations for our worship services and Bible class, I received a phone call from St. Peter’s Hospital Emergency Room, asking me to come and visit our member, Tim Schroeder. I was told that it was believed that he had suffered a major stroke and that I needed to come right away, which I did.

For the first time since last March, I was able to visit one of our members in the hospital and minister to him and Mary, his dear wife, reading God’s Word and praying for just a moment, before heading back for our worship. Following the later worship service, I called and learned that he was being transported to Great Falls. Later that day, Tim was operated on and then returned to his room to recover from a “brain bleed” and surgery.

Since that time Tim has been sedated, has responded to his neurologist’s tests (with the exception of some paralysis on part of one side), is breathing on his own, but has not fully awakened. Mary and daughter Martha are not, as yet, able to see him, but check with his doctors and nurses often and ask for and thank us for our prayers! For now we wait, with faith and in hope in Christ!

Regular, live worship services will be held in our Sanctuary this Sunday, beginning at 8:15 and 11 a.m. as well as in our Midweek Worship, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening. Last Sunday’s worship service should be online ( Attached to this emailing are this Sunday’s announcements, our new Bible study on Thessalonians and an activity sheet.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing prayers and concern for the members of our congregation and so many others, during these physically and spiritually challenging days!

What a precious blessings it is to know
that even (and particularly) in these times,
He stays with us! Amen?


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