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Church Service – October 18

2020_10_11 from Brian Buhr on Vimeo.

October 18, 2020 a.d.

Dear fellow-members of the kingdom of God,
and fellow-citizens
of these Unites States of America,

Once again last week’s worship service can be found on, our church’s website. If you cannot make it out to worship, please watch, and listen, and hear God’s promises for you and your fellow-believers in Christ!

This Sunday in our “live services” in the Sanctuary (8 and 11 a.m.) we consider rendering unto Caesar and unto God (Matthew 22:15-22). Watch for this service on our website (thanks again to Brian and Lisa and Shawn) next weekend.

In Lesson Three of our study “Called to Vote” (yes, again) we are faced with the distinctions between ruling and being ruled as citizens of this greatest nation in the world! I attached lesson sheets to this emailing for your use at home last week. I hope to complete this series in our live classes next Sunday. Please also carry out your privilege and calling to vote in the very important elections before us now!

Please pray for our efforts in filling our currently open Administrative Assistant position in our church office! Our Hiring Committee will meet for an interview with an applicant on Monday afternoon. She is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod member with many years of volunteer service as a church secretary! God willing, she may fill our position before the beginning of the new church year (toward the end of November)!

Next Sunday will be our Reformation Celebration in our 8 and 11 a.m. worship services! The Later service will be followed by a “parking-lot picnic” featuring Reformation type foods. We promise NOT to hammer any theses to the church door!

I have enclosed Announcements, a new Bible study sheet, and an activity sheet!

Let us pray: Gracious God, You have called us to be citizens of your two kingdoms. Bless us as we grow in and speak out Your saving Name as Christians and as we carry out our privilege of citizenship in our nation. Be with us, and help us, and protect us, and heal us, as we live in these interesting times. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.


Reveling in God’s love, mercy, and peace!


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Children’s Activity Sheet – October 18

Bible Study – October 18

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