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First Lutheran Church Service June 28, 2020

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June 28, 2020 AD

Dear Fellow-Forgiven-Sinners in Christ,

For weeks and weeks and weeks we have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in our nation and around the world. Along with physical illness, financial uncertainty, and spiritual questioning, we are faced with a mixed basket of human emotions. Add to the pandemic the distress of ongoing protesting resulting at times in rioting, destruction of property, loss of businesses and jobs and lives, it can all be extremely overwhelming. Some have speculated that “perhaps even God cannot deal with all that is happening!”

Of course God’s Word guarantees that the last statement above is not true! Nothing is beyond Him! He who created the universe, saved all people through the suffering and death of His Son, and promises eternal life through Jesus’ resurrection, is NOT overwhelmed by what we (and He) have seen in these weeks, as is already working to turn it, for us, to good!

What does He call us to do? To trust in Him! Then He gives us His Spirit, by the power of His Word and Sacraments, to help us to do just that: to trust and to believe! “Commit your way unto the Lord. Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass,” is His command with a promise from Psalm 37:5, reinforced again and again and again by His love and care for His people, throughout Scripture.

Through it all, I must admit that I often find it hard, through the disease, and despair and destruction to see His power and will at work. I must also confess that what I DO see makes me angry at the situations and people at times. What I do not always see, but what I know and believe from God’s Word, gives me hope – sure hope in our merciful and gracious God! He will most certainly keep His promises and His Word! He cannot not do so!

In our live worship this week (contemporary style) we’ll celebrate the Resurrected Christ and the Resurrecting Christ and the difference He makes in our lives lived as His people, even in these tumultuous times. It’s all part of our “God’s Greater Story” series according to the Book of Romans. We are also continuing our Bible study: “Faith that Sees through the Culture.”

The worship service online this weekend (at is a recording (with our mini-congregation: Shari, Brian, Arthur and A.J.) of last Sunday’s live worship, focusing on fathers and our heavenly Father, and beginning a new series of sermons based on the Epistle readings for the next weeks from Romans. If you plan to watch the online service, a helpful suggestion is to download the service onto your computer for better sound and fewer hangups.

LIVE this Wednesday (6:30 p.m.) and, with a completely different worship service next Sunday (8 and 11 a.m.), we’ll consider the gift of freedom (gifted to us by God and those who have lived and died to win and defend it) that we enjoy in our nation. Our prayers for our nation will be a hefty part of these services, as I am sure you can imagine.

The Announcements for the week, an Activity Sheet, and our Sunday Adult Bible Class sheets for this week (bunches of them) are attached for your use at home.

Praises be to our Resurrected and Resurrecting Savior!
His blessings of healing, protection and peace to you!


Bible Study Worksheets – 6/28

Children’s Activity Sheet – 6/28

Announcements – 6/28

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