Message from Pastor Miller

Pastor’s Potpourri

a mixture of comments concerning our life together in Christ!

Pre-Confirmation Classes

for Bible readers in grades 2-5


for students in grades 6-8

for students and parents
Wednesday, September 6 after Worship
in the Sanctuary.

Classes Begin
Wednesday, September 13 at 3:30 p.m.

Call Us in the Church Office
To register and for answers!

Membership Classes for Adults**

We hope to begin in September!
Meeting days and times to be set
according to participants’ schedules.
For further information,
or to express your interest in participating
please contact us
in the church office (442-5367).
(** Those preparing for membership
and those who are already members.)

Our Adult Bible Study for Fall
+ End Times +

Millennium. Revelation. Rapture. Eternity.
Sundays ~ 9:30ish ~ in the Fellowship Centre


Our September
O.W.L.S.* event

on Thursday, September 21
is a Missions Trip
to missions in Helena
that our congregation support!
Beginning at a Special Time ~ 9 a.m.
Details will be announced!

*Older Wiser Loving Saints
are 55ish and older!


~ Amidst all the Busyness ~

this month, let’s turn to Psalm 34.
Psalm 34 encourages us to use our senses
of sight and sound to look and listen for God.
Surprise! God shows up! God answers!

It takes time and intentionality
to make room for God in the busyness of life.
When I get very busy, I like to put myself
in an empty room, sit in silence, and wait.

Perhaps that is the wrong mindset.
It assumes that my life and God are separate,
that I need to put one on hold
in order to allow for the other.

But the psalmist writes,
“I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in
my mouth.”

This month let’s seek the Lord
in all we do!

When we notice that God is there,
let’s revel in His presence and
shout with joy!

With great LOVE for YOU in CHRIST,