Message from Pastor Miller

Dear Faithful Believer in Jesus Christ,
by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit,

Are YOU facing a mountain which just will not seem to get out of your way? Have YOU met a situation which just seems to be more than you can bear? Remember – your God moves mountains! Consider the story of Jackie and Shawn!

Jackie and Shawn met during their first year in college, and it was “love at first sight.” But ten years after a storybook wedding with a promising future, Shawn suddenly left his wife and three children. He decided he would rather be on his own.

With poverty looming ahead of her, Jackie knelt to pray. “Dear Lord,” she whispered, “You’ve moved mountains for me in the past. I know You’ll help me now.” Nothing dramatic happened, but with only meager child support payments and a minimum-wage salary, Jackie kept the family going.

One day as Jackie sewed an outfit for her oldest daughter, an idea came to her. God can help me design and sell play clothes just like these, she thought. The project took off slowly, but within a couple of years the business provided a comfortable living for Jackie and her family. God had answered Jackie’s prayer and He had blessed her.

The Bible tells us, The mountains melt beneath Him and the valleys split apart, like wax before the fire, like water rushing down a slope (Micah 1:4).

Are you facing a mountain that seems impossible to climb? If so, I encourage you to follow Jackie’s good example! Take your trials and tribulations to our Lord in prayer; do all that God will enable you to do to work toward the solution for your situation; AND trust in HIM to help you in the very best way possible!

God is bigger and more powerful than anything you may experience. With the stroke of His hand, He who handled the mountains of sin, death and the devil in Jesus Christ, can melt the problem that looms before you!

As our congregation faces the challenging and exciting days ahead, this same message applies to us: God moves mountains! What a privilege it is to be a part of God’s movement in the world and lives of people! What a sure hope we have in the knowledge that He will not let us down! With anticipation and joy we can look forward to His blessings and His surprises!

Rich blessings to YOU in the Name of our God – who moves mountains!