Message from Pastor Miller

         Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at First Lutheran,

We do indeed live in interesting times! Who would have thought that we would be so STRONGLY encouraged to stay in our homes, distant from each other, for so many days, with no sure end in sight – because of a virus?

We need a cure – to take away our fears, to bring us back together, to give us hope, to assure us that, once again, all will be okay – in our hearts – in our lives – in our world!

I came across this devotion from Portals of Prayer: Where is God Now? * I hope it helps us through our predicament! As God speaks through His Word – I know that it will!

        Healing Hurts and Hurting Heals

     Modern medical science fixes what’s broken and replaces what’s missing. It also may involve removing whatever is diseased, damaged, or harmful to us. In the same way, God may choose to work through painful trials in order to remove our preoccupation with the passing things of this life. He cuts away pride in self, confidence in earthly relationships, and reliance on worldly possessions so we might behold the permanent treasures stored up for us in heaven.

     Lest we think we’re alone, Jesus, although He was rich, became poor for our sakes. Then for us He faced agony, abandonment, and loss of all earthly goods. His Word calls us to inherit the blessings He won in His Passion, where His pain paid for our transgressions and His wounds procured our healing.

     His holy afflictions sanctify ours. Our pain is given purpose through His. As Jesus’ suffering brought us eternal good, so God works good through our suffering, stripping away self-loving attitudes and self-serving behavior and replacing them with Christ’s love for us and His desire to serve others in need.

Our predicament and this virus shall pass!  God will heal even this historic pandemic and use it for our good. Perhaps you have seen that happen already in your life? When we can be together again, let’s talk about some of the wondrous ways God will use this hurt for the good of His people in Christ!

In the meantime, as we continue to be socially distant and hunkered down, let’s use this as a time to grow in God’s Word, to show His care for one another, to pray for each other (and for a miracle cure) and to look up to Him (Luke 21:25-28) for answers that our world cannot give – but that He surely can and will!

Please do not hesitate to call on us for help for your needs and those of others as you are made aware of them. Our numbers: church – 442-5367, home – 227-5207, or my cell – 431-8828.

(* Portals of Prayer: Where is God Now? is available free of charge at