Miss Lori – Pre-K – Classroom Notes

First Lutheran Pre-K April 5-12, 2024

Dear Parents,


Monday- Beckham, Bella Tuesday- Charli, Hollyn Wednesday- Everett Thursday- Kaden, Percy, Presley Friday- Rhys, Rory

Learning Goals:

Learning Goals: Bible= Blessed At Pentecost Acts 2
Bible Verse= “Go. . .and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19
Character Building: GENEROSITY- Showing kindness by giving or sharing
Focus Letter= “X”
Friday- Return Book Bag!
Language and Fun: PIRATES!
Science: Taking Care of Our Earth

Coming Up!

April 23= Field Trip to Memorial Park Leave: 10 AM Return: 1 PM
Remember: Picnic Lunch & Water Bottle, Sunscreen if Needed

Monday, May 27= Memorial Day – No School!

Beckham and Everett- Mathematicians Extraordinaires!  Teaching kids to sort really does pack a punch!  WORDS THEIR WAY by Johnston says it this way: “The human mind works by using a compare-and-contrast categorization system to develop concepts and establish relationships between concepts.  Through comparing and contrasting objects, children can create groups or categories.  This process is the foundation of critical thinking.”  And as learners talk about how they sorted things, they also develop oral language skills that will serve them well throughout life.






We held, observed, named, and loved our worms.  And, oh, the chatter! 

Did you know? …..

Worms have no eyes, legs or arms.

There are 2,700 different types of earthworms.

Worms help plants by mixing the soil.

Earthworms come to the surface when it rains because they need oxygen to breathe.

An earthworm can live 15 years.

Worms use a gizzard to grind up food instead of teeth.

With A Thankful Heart,
Miss Lori

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