Miss Lori – Pre-K – Classroom Notes

First Lutheran School Pre-K Christmas Program

2020_12_18_Kid_program from Brian Buhr on Vimeo.


“R” Students are invited to bring in small items that begin with the letter R for our focus letter basket. (rabbit, ring, red. . .)


Monday – Blakely & Beckett
Tuesday – Evan & Grace
Wednesday – Everly & Henry
Thursday – Lucas & Lucy & Nora
Friday – Parker & Zoey


MONDAY –  Please remember water bottle for classroom use. Thank you!

JAN. 18= School IN session on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

JAN. 22= End of 2nd Quarter

JAN. 27 – 29= Parent/Teacher conferences.  Parent/Teacher Conferences- Jan 27= Everly at 7:40,
Jan 28= Parker at 7:40, Evan at 4:00, Jan 29= Henry at 7:40, Beckett at 11:30, Zoey at 3:30

*Would you be interested in cooking green eggs and ham for our Dr. Seuss Day Celebration on Wed, March 3?  Let me know if you are interested!

THANK YOU: Evan, Zoey, Henry and Miss Sue for the generous donations of envelopes for our writing center. We have plenty now!

Character Building:

DILIGENCE – trying hard and putting all your effort into something. “Train yourself to be godly. Be diligent in these matters. . .” 1 Timothy 4:7&15

Learning Goals:

Bible = Jesus Heals A Blind Man Mark 10:46-52
Bible Verse = “I am the light of the world.” John 9:5 
Focus Letter = “R”
Math = Write “2”, “3”, Graphing
Science = Butterfly – Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Adult
Address & Phone Number = CONGRATULATIONS, EVAN for saying your phone number!


Evan and Henry have fun together making our Alphabots “transform”!  Those bots are tricky!  Each bot looks like a letter until it has been transformed into an Alphabot.






We learned how our heart pumps our blood.  Lucy listens to her heart beat, as Miss Lori holds the stethoscope.





Parker and Henry use their “Toothy” Puppets to teach how to take care of our teeth.




With A Thankful Heart,
Miss Lori

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Lori’s Cell: (360) 322-2659 (6 AM to 6 PM)


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