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April 5

Bible Lesson

Bible Lesson: Jesus is Alive:

Jesus Cooks breakfast for the Disciples

Jesus disciples went fishing, all day, and all night. But they could not catch even one. Each time they cast their net it came up empty. They were all so very hungry.

Near dawn Jesus walked up to the shore and they at first did not recognize him because it was still dark. Then He told them to cast their net on the other side of the boat, so they did.

FISH! Lots and lots of fish. Jesus said to bring the fish in and eat with him.

Jesus is here to help us. Even when we may not recognize it. If we do what He tells us and believe, He will provide what we need because he loves us!

Can you believe it?

Spring is here, although somedays it doesn’t quite feel like it!

The year is flying by, and speaking of flying, one of our next fun activities will be experiencing butterflies hatching from chrysalis and flying away!

Jesus, walked among us, died and was placed in a tomb, then rose again!

Caterpillars walk, then form their chrysalis (like a little tomb) and then are born again!

God is truly AMAZING!


Letter of the Week


E Words: Egg, Escalator, Empty, Eat


Monday May 27- School is closed for Memorial Day

Jacie the demolition worker
Jacie the sweet little momma

Kids, one minute playing house so nice – the next destroying a house!








**Please remember to make sure your child has a healthy(ish) snack in their snack cubby each morning.

This time of year, most of our supply of Kleenex, Paper towels and Clorox wipes have been extinguished. Any donations of these items are graciously appreciated.

Show -N -Tell Schedule

*If your child misses their day for show-n-tell they may bring on another day during the week

Monday– Isla/Raiden Tuesday-Avram/Myles Wednesday-Colten/Jacie

Thursday-Trey/Wyatt Friday-Isaac/Titus


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