Weekly Prayers

Please Pray For ~

+ Those Needing God’s Help and Healing ~

+ Those Caring for those Affected and Afflicted ~ by the coronavirus, financial worries, violence in our cities, and so many other challenges of this time of epidemic at home and abroad, that God would especially watch over them and deliver them.

+ Our Nation and Its Citizens ~ as we head to the polls to vote, that He would guide our prayerful and careful preparations to carry out this freedom and responsibility, and that He would keep and remove from office those who will not act according to His will, and place into service those who will.

+ Each of Us ~ that we will render to Caesar the things that are rightly due the government and especially to God what is due His Name!

And Praise God for ~

+ The Unique Opportunities He Gives Us ~ to share His love in all sorts of ways during these interesting times, in the family of God and beyond, in word and deed to share God’s care and cures!

+ The Sure Hope that is Ours through Faith ~ helping us to get through these challenging days by His grace, through His Word!

+ Allowing Us to be Citizens ~ of His “Kingdom of the Left” (our nation), and His “Kingdom of the Right” (His church) by faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord, with all the privileges and responsibilities that accompany our membership in both.