Weekly Prayers

Please Pray For –

+ Those Needing God’s Help and Healing

+ The Many Sick – and suffering fellow-members of our congregation, for God’s healing and help for our colds, infections, viruses, bacteria, bouts with the flu and other ailments among us.

+ Our Lenten Journey to the Cross with Jesus – through Word and Sacrament, that God would draw each one of us closer in faith;

+ The Family of Earl Leitzke – as they mourn his death following a prolonged stay in the hospital, suffering a broken hip and hip replacement surgery, pneumonia and more, for the comfort, peace and hope that the world cannot give, but that God, by His mercy and grace freely does.

+ Every One of Us – that we will turn again to God’s promises of His love and care in every circumstance in life, have mercy and compassion on our neighbors “to help and support him in every physical need”, and be wise in our personal and public practices to “not hurt or harm our neighbor in his body” (Luther’s Small Catechism: The Fifth Commandment and Meaning).

+ God’s Miraculous Working – through His people and the gifts He provides, to develop a cure for the deadly viruses we face, and to grant us relief from our sicknesses and our fears and worries, according to His good will for us in Jesus!

And, Praise God for –

+ The Season of Lent – when we are shown our sin and shown our Savior through Word and Sacrament, and challenged to grow in our faith in our all-merciful and all-loving God and Savior!

+ Calling Us, through His Word – to repent of our sins and believe the Gospel;

+ Assuring Us of His Love and Care in Every Situation – because He suffered and died for us on the tree of the cross and opened the way to the tree of life in heaven, by faith in Him.