Message from Pastor

Message From Pastor Miller

Let’s Follow the Star!

In these seasons of Advent and Christmas and Epiphany, we are reminded again that it’s time to find our way to Bethlehem, where the fullness of God’s love and salvation are cradled in a baby, an infant named “Jesus.” It’s a time to remember again all the divine promises and prophecies that God is determined to do: to send a Savior, to rescue and redeem his people forever. It’s time to follow the bright star of God’s Word which will lead us to the surest peace and joy we could ever know.

Often times, the Christmas story can become “old hat.” We’ve heard it all before. Sometimes family traditions and customs can become more “sacred” than the story itself. Advent calls us to ready ourselves – ready ourselves for the mystery of Christmas – the “Word made flesh.” Prepared and ready, we follow and experience anew the source of our perfectly designed salvation with the birth of Christ.

Advent and Christmas and Epiphany are also the perfect times to invite others to come follow the star and discover the Savior. There are so many people who get swept up and lost in the secular celebrations of the holidays. Their joy is shallow and temporary. Many even suffer from serious depression during these days. There is little real light among all that holiday glitter.

A young businessman was rushed to the hospital in serious condition, where the doctors who examined him thought that he might not survive. He was not a religious man, but prior to his accident he had heard the song, “God Will Take Care of You” on his radio. Ever since then, he wasn’t able to get it out of his mind. Finally, he started to pray, and as he did, he felt a wonderful, hopeful surge of energy.

It was a Sunday morning, almost Christmas Day. He heard a group of nurses worshiping in a room just down the hall. He struggled out of bed and wheeled himself into their room where he heard the message of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, he understood for the first time ever the meaning of the Christmas: the coming of the Savior and he believed in Jesus.

He recovered from his injuries and remained faithful to Christ the rest of his life. The young businessman’s name was – J.C. Penny.

At times we see the bumper sticker or the coffee mug that read: “Wise men still follow Him.” Advent and Christmas send out the same message. As we hear that message ourselves, we, like the shepherds go and tell others the great Good News and invite them to follow the star.

Shari and I pray that this awe-filled, mysterious, joyous season will lead you to a new and lasting walk with “the Word made flesh,” Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

The peace, joy, love and life in Christ be yours

this Christmas this new year and always!