Message from Pastor

Message From Pastor Miller

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There are many doors in our world. You wouldn’t think an old wooden door could change history, but it did. You wouldn’t think an overly pious monk could define who you are today, but he did.

October 31st marks the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran (and Protestant) Reformation, the day Martin Luther banged a nail through his 95 Theses onto the door of an old church in Germany.

Those 95 Theses listed 95 problems Luther saw with the teachings of the church of his day that did not line up with Scriptures. Luther did not intend to start a fire with his words but merely a chance to debate what was the truth.

What started with what seemed like an insignificant banging in the alleyways of Wittenberg, Germany would ultimately change people’s lives for eternity.

Because of the work of Luther and other reformers, people would once again see the truths of Scriptures for themselves.

People could once again see that our faith’s foundation is not found in buildings, popes, or decrees but that our faith’s foundation is found in God’s Word, the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Savior and His love, living a perfect life for us, and suffering the cross and death for us, and rising again from the dead, also for us!

Let’s give thanks to God for people like Martin Luther who defended the truth of the Bible, and the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus no matter the cost and who continue to do so yet today!

Blessings and love to you in Christ, our Savior,

Pas+or Miller

With millions of people around the world,
we, of First Lutheran in Helena, Montana,
will remember the significance of the Reformation
on Sunday, October 29
in our worship services, Bible study
and our afternoon and evening festival.
Please do plan to attend
and do invite family and friends
to be part of this historic celebration!