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Show and Tell every Wednesday: 

Please have your child bring something special that they would like to share with their classmates.  A good choice may be a favorite toy or stuffed animal or a picture of a recent activity.


Learning Goals:

Week of Feb. 21 and Feb 23:

Bible= The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ Heals Jairus’ Daughter

Focus Topic = “My Body”  Focus on our hands and fingers.

Classroom Expectations “Getting Ready” Learning to sit at our listening spot with our hands and feet in our “bubble” and eyes on Ms. Sue.  Being responsive to and following directions.  Getting our bodies and mouths ready for prayers.

Learning Activities-

* We learned about “My Body” and how to use this gift from God.

* We learned all about using our hands, moving our fingers and making noises with our hands.

* We traced ourselves on a “BIG” piece of paper and personalized our outlines.

* We are working hard at learning the Lord’s Prayer.

* We are learning to cooperate with our friends as we share, assist and support one another with playing and cleaning up our stations.


With a Thankful Heart,

Miss Sue

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